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Test pumping, also known as pump testing or yield testing, is a hydrogeological technique used to evaluate the performance and characteristics of a water well or borehole. The test involves pumping water from the well at a controlled rate for a specific period, while simultaneously measuring various parameters related to the well and aquifer. Test pumping is commonly performed to determine the well’s sustainable yield, drawdown, specific capacity, and overall efficiency.

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Once the borehole is drilled, casing pipes are inserted into the hole. The casing pipes are typically made of steel or PVC and are designed to prevent the borehole from collapsing, stabilize the surrounding formations, and protect the borehole from contamination. Installation of Pump and Equipment: Once the borehole is drilled, cased, and developed, the submersible pump or hand pump is installed to extract water from the borehole. Other downhole equipment, such as water level sensors, may also be installed to monitor the well’s performance.
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